Unattested Share Pledge Agreement

1 Unconfirmed instruction by a member for the collateral of goods Demat Instruction: 1. This instruction is either stamped/stamped on paper of the Rs.300/- or the value that prevails in the State where the export is made, depending on the higher amount and on behalf of Member 2. Please ensure that every deficiency that is subject to the notice is properly filled. 3. Please make sure that every handwritten detail filled out is countersigned by the authorized signatory (ies). 4. Please make sure that each page is signed and marked with a stamp. “I find lexology news feed very relevant and articles of excellent quality. I often store copies of articles for future references or for use in the cases I work on. I share the information of these articles with my colleagues.┬áNice blog and absolutely excellent.

You can do something much better, but I always say it`s perfect. Try again and again after the best.escrow 4 ace chord from time to time. The Member confirms, confirms and concludes with the CEA that he is dealing with all these acts and acts, documents, forms, letters and other writings (including forms, letters and other writings addressed to the custodian and/or custodian and/or others) in order to effectively commit these goods to the CEA and to ensure that this commitment is properly recorded and recorded in its records with the custodian and custodian, and at the expense of debts and expenses which are without prejudice to other obligations, obligations, obligations and obligations to which it is liable. Three of them. The member declares, commits and assures that all the goods pledged are available and that they are useful to him and that he is free of a right, a pledge or a charge in principle, and that he undertakes that all these goods that may be created in the future are present at the time of the pawning and that they belong to him and are the uncontaminated, absolute and exclusive property of the member. 4. The Member agrees and undertakes not to collect a royalty without the prior written authorization of the CEA: A pledge or a charge of any kind on or on the property thus mortgaged or on those that can be pledged below, with the exception of the CEA, that the member shall not be subject to such taxes, duties or charges that may affect those products or part of those goods, and undertakes not to do or admit what might affect those goods as long as he remains responsible in any way to the CEA. 5. The member agreed that ace grants exposure to the exhibition on the basis of products mentioned for the period that can be determined from time to time by the CEA. If, at the expiry of this period, the member does not replace these goods, which are heresafter, by the collateral of a quantity of raw materials acceptable to the CEA or replace them with the counter-value of the cash/bank guarantee or other guarantees accepted by the CEA, THE ACE has the right to avail itself of the collateral and sell these products.

6. The member accepts, declares and undertakes to comply with the terms of the dematerialized seizure/deposit system of goods, as formulated and set by the CEA with respect to marginal deposits, or these other requirements, either in their current form or in the modified/modified/modified form from time to time.