Ua Shortline Agreement

7 Termination of the contract in accordance with this provision is not exclusive and does not affect all remedies that the Union and/or the contractor might otherwise seek in the event of a breach of this provision. 4. The additional works covered by this Agreement are as follows: MODIFICATION OF THE RELOCATION OF THE MOTORWAY ROAD CROSSINGS CROSSINGS OF THE RIVER CROSSINGS OF BRIDGES MANUFACTURE FOR SHIPPING WELDING OF HOUSINGS ON ROAD BOREHOLES ARTICLE 2 CONTRACTORS COVERED A. It is agreed between the contractors and the Union signatory as follows: 1. Employer means a person, partnership, partnership, partnership, association or other entity that employs one or more persons to provide services for wages or salaries and includes any person, partnership, partnership, partnership, association or other entity acting as a representative of an employer, directly or indirectly. 2. Employee means any person who provides services to an employer in exchange for wages or salaries under an express or implied contract of employment. 3. The term used as used in this document refers to a person in the labour market who is not employed and does not need to be employed by the individual employer, but who may be recommended by the United Association. B. PCAC negotiates by this Agreement under the authority of the Employer Members who authorize the Association to negotiate and execute this Agreement and on whose behalf it is negotiated and executed. 1. Orders the CCCP to bear half of the costs incurred in administering this Agreement.

C. It is further understood and agreed that, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, each Employer agrees, based on the powers described in Article 2.B of this Agreement, that if the Employer withdraws its membership from the Association, the Employer will be bound by the terms of this Agreement for the remainder of the terms of this Agreement. D. The undersigned association undertakes to notify the union without delay when a signatory employer member leaves the federation and to notify the union of any new member who signs this agreement; and the Association undertakes to notify the signatory Association of all newly signed contractors. E. Any current employer on whose behalf this Agreement has been negotiated and performed, and any future member who becomes a party by signing the Agreement, shall be solely responsible for its own individual acts and conduct, and for any breach or alleged breach of this Agreement, the Union may only be sued individually for such breach. Any alleged violation of this Agreement by an employer or any dispute between the union and an employer 5 27 2. If a local collective agreement requires contributions to the National Pension Fund for Pipe Installers and Installers, the employer must pay its contributions from the International Training Fund to the National Pension Fund for Pipe Installers and Installers as a collective representative of the International Training Fund. 3. If the local collective agreement does not require contributions to the National Pension Fund for Installers and Pipefitters, the employer pays his contributions from the International Training Fund to the Local Benefits Office of the Local Fund, where they are transmitted to the International Training Fund. H.

JOINT ARBITRATION BOARD: The parties to this Agreement accept the jurisdiction and authority of the Joint Arbitration Board established by District 16 Council and the Plumbing and Piping Industry Council for the Southern California Pipe Trades Trust Fund, matters defined as follows: 1. General Matters Concerning the Provisions of an Approved Collective Agreement for Participation in the Trust and Relating in any Way to Trusts pipe trades, including but not limited to making contributions to the Trust; 2. General claims of trustees for the payment of dues, for late contributions, for audits of contributing employers and affiliates, for costs, including audit and other recovery costs, for interest and for attorneys` fees. The parties to this Agreement agree that damages for all claims of violation of this Collective Agreement will be payable as additional income contributions to the Pension Fund Trust if no identified employee entitled to an appeal is eligible for such damages. ARTICLE 21 CONTRADICTORY TREATIES AND GENDER REFERENCES A. This Agreement contains all agreements, terms and provisions hereby agreed upon by the parties and no representative or representative of either party shall have the authority thereof, and neither party shall be bound by or liable for any representations, representations, promises, inducements or agreements not set forth herein. Any provision of the Labour Regulations of the Union relating to the relationship between contractors and their employees that is contrary to the terms of this Agreement or that imposes terms of employment that go beyond the terms of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been repealed. Those rules or regulations, which may subsequently be adopted by the Union, shall not apply to the following work. B. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful by a court of competent jurisdiction, that provision shall immediately become null and void, so that the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, and the parties shall endeavor to negotiate alternative provisions in accordance with applicable laws. C. Whenever words of the male sex are used in this Agreement, they shall be interpreted as if they had also been used in the female sex.

21 The program is the subject of a collective agreement between the signatory parties and the union. Our contractual partners cover all costs through hourly contributions to the training fund. A board of directors manages the fund and sets the policy. Apprentices are supervised by the Journeyman Apprentice & Training Committee (JA&TC), which is made up of equal union representatives and signatory contractors. IV. TRAINING STANDARDS: The JA&TC prepares the learning standards and they are approved and registered with the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, Learning Standards Division (DIR/DAS). These standards provide for the training of apprentices in the workplace, in the work processes of the craft sector, in technical and manipulative education associated with it. The goal of the five (5) year program is to train apprentices to become a versatile Steamfitters journeyperson.

The focus is on safety throughout the training. 5 THIS AGREEMENT, known as the CALIFORNIA SHORTLINE AGREEMENT (CSA), will be signed on September 19. June 2017 between the PIPELINE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA (PCAC) on its own behalf and for its member companies and individual signatory employers (hereinafter referred to as “Contractors” or “Employers”) as parties to Part I and the UNITED ASSOCIATION OF JOURNEYMEN AND APPRENTICES IN THE PLUMBING AND PIPING INDUSTRY OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA. AFL-CIO and its affiliated locals UNITED ASSOCIATION LOCAL 250, UNITED ASSOCIATION LOCAL 460, UNITED ASSOCIATION LOCAL 246 and UNITED ASSOCIATION LOCAL 342 (hereinafter referred to as “Union”, “United Association” or “UA”) as parties to Part Two. . . .