Toyota Lease Agreement Canada

Financing your next vehicle gives you the freedom to leave without paying the entire dealership. A financing agreement sets monthly payments, but still gives you full ownership while you pay the balance. Property means you never have to worry about leasing fees and fees. You can also adjust your vehicle as you see fit. Leasing can sometimes restrict the freedoms you take with your vehicle. Funding with Nelson Toyota offers you: The EIAs used above and the rates used above are approximate and are used only as an example. Please consult your dealer for current financing and leasing rates. The sale of a Toyota vehicle, product or service is made through an independent licensed toyota car dealership (a “dealer”) and is subject exclusively to the legal terms of the sale, leasing or retail contract between you and the dealer. Dealers are not connected to Toyota, TFS, TMMC, CAPTIN or a connected one. As a result, every purchase you make is made exclusively between you and the dealer you choose on this site, and no purchase is made with Toyota, TFS, TMMC, CAPTIN or a partner company. All financial services and advertising programs on this site are only available through distributors and, in the case of regional sales programs that cannot be described on this site, through merchants in the region. The reseller you select on this website reserves the right to decide whether you qualify for a credit or advertising sales program.

Dealers are not required to sell a vehicle, product or service at the prices listed on this site, and Toyota, TFS, TMMC, CAPTIN and associated companies are not responsible for the prices set by a dealer. Toyota has the right to change vehicle specifications, advertising programs, employment opportunities and other information available on this site at any time, without notice. In the case of a loan, you pay interest on the total amount that is financed or leased. Thus, you pay interest on the total amount of the lease and not the difference between the amount financed and the residual value. It is the same basic condition as a loan or mortgage. You are only responsible for damage or wear of the vehicle, plus mileage overruns, unless you have used one of our protection packages at the time of signing your lease. Ask your product advisor or financial services manager for more information. You can rent a vehicle for only 12 months and up to 60 months, depending on need and budget.