Tenancy Agreement Kitchen

10. Tenants who pay a monthly usage fee are entitled to the choice of available main usage periods. The main hours of use are set as every hour between 6:00 and 22:00. Tenants and landlords refer to the attached “Reserved Kitchen Time” form to define a kitchen plan. The reserved time of the kitchen is allocated according to the seniority. The tenant understands that his reserved cooking time is evaluated quarterly and acknowledges that, in order to maintain his reserved cooking time, he must demonstrate a consistent use of this time. 11. As a future plan, the monthly tenant who needs access outside of business hours will receive, if necessary, a key or code to access the kitchen. 12. The tenant undertakes to register and unsubscribe in the protocol of use of the kitchen each time access to the kitchen is accessible. 13.

The tenant is responsible for maintaining his license to operate a food distribution establishment and any other license applicable to his business. 14. The tenant must provide the landlord with an updated copy of their commercial insurance, called The Kitchen Pantry and Gloria Stultz, which are insured in the policy. 15. The tenant must: A. maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen as described in the joint kitchen work and basic kitchen documents. B. No modification, installation, repair or redevelopment (including painting work) is to be carried out on the premises without the prior written permission of the lessor. C. Payment for damage caused to the rented premises by an act of the tenant or by members of the tenant`s family, customers, customers and / or staff of the tenant. D. Responsible for liability, theft and accident related to the use of the kitchen, unless it was caused by negligence of the owner.

E. Comply with state laws and regulations regarding the maintenance and occupancy of premises. Q. Notify the owner immediately or manage the necessary maintenance. 16. The lessor is responsible for the following maintenance obligations during the term of this contract, unless such property is necessary by the actions of the tenant, the tenant`s family, the customer, the customer and/or the employee: A. Repairs inside the premises, including the devices mentioned. For example, the coordination of the kitchen plan and general kitchen procedures. 17. If the building is destroyed and rendered untenable by fire or other causes, the lessor or lessee has the right to terminate the lease and the lessor must return the unused portion of the rent paid in advance. None of this should be interpreted in such a way that in the event of destruction, the owner is forced to rebuild the premises.

18. All dismissals and expulsions are issued in strict compliance with the laws of Colorado. A fee of USD 30.00 is levied for the publication of the property due to a breach of contract. 19. In the event of an action in connection with this rental agreement, the losing party shall pay the winning party reasonable attorneys` and court fees to be fixed by the court where such judgments are recorded. 20. If the lessee leaves the premises or, in the event of legal termination of the contract, allows his personal effects to remain on the site, these goods are transferred to the property of the lessor, which must be sold according to his choice. At that time, the landlord may, if he wishes, modify the locks of the site and deny the tenant any other access. 21. Additional provisions: Owner: Tenant: Date__________________________ This is a commercial kitchen rental contract that is mainly operated and maintained by the main owner/tenant. Assignment The Customer will not assign or transfer its obligations under this Contract, voluntarily or by law, without the prior written consent of the Owner.

Capacity/Independent Contractor It is expressly agreed that the Customer will act as an independent contractor and not as an employee when providing the Services under this Agreement. The Customer and the Owner acknowledge that this Agreement does not constitute a partnership or joint venture between them and that it is exclusively a service contract. . . .