Saas Agency Agreement

Can your SaaS agreement models be used in the U.S. or are they optimized for the U.K.? The agreement includes, among other things, the client`s rights to use the services and restrictions on their use. The SaaS agreement can be downloaded and processed without registration. A distributor is a person or company that enters into a sales contract with a supplier to purchase the supplier`s SaaS software and services. The SaaS software is sold to the distributor in accordance with the supplier`s saaS and SLA conditions. The distributor then sells the SaaS software and services to its local customers in the region, using the terms and conditions and SLA of the distributor. A dealer is the same as a merchant. If we request, you will facilitate our participation in calls with you and end-users. We may request participation in these calls to ensure the quality of your service and manage the program. In a qualified transaction that results, (i) the end user will end directly with us by supplying HubSpot products, or (ii) you order (s) and conclude with HubSpot in your own capacity for HubSpot products with us by indicating the terms of The HubSpot products ordered and providing end-user information as we wish. Option (ii) is not possible if the resulting transaction is Cross Sell, as you cannot purchase on behalf of an end user and support the end user`s contractual obligations for a Cross Sell transaction.

In the case of (ii) in this case, and if the person concerned is considered registered, accepted and valid for the purposes of this section 3., you can sell HubSpot products to end-users at a price only determined by you and you will ensure that your agreement with the end user contains our client conditions or contains the provisions set out in our terms and conditions. If you purchase on behalf of an end user, you agree to be responsible for the order placed and to guarantee payment of all fees. In addition, such a subscription can only be used for the end user for whom it was originally purchased and cannot be reassigned to another end user or another end-user without our prior written consent. If the agency contract is silent or if the SaaS supplier indicates the payment of compensation, a court will determine the amount of compensation to which the agent is entitled. There is no cap on the amount that can be allocated to an agent. In McQuillan/McCormick 2010, the High Court identified the following factors that must be taken into account when determining an agent`s compensation at termination: Often, agency agreements require that the laws of a third country. B, for example, the United States or Canada, apply to the agreement or that disputes are referred outside the EU. As a general rule, courts in a third country will not recognize the right to compensation or compensation under the regulations. However, if you have an agreement with an agent established in the United Kingdom, the fact that your agreement is subject to the law of a third country does not mean that the regulations do not apply to the agency agreement. SaaS agreements are designed to be used in situations where parties sign documents. In many cases, however, a SaaS contract can be entered into by the parties who agree to a service order form, whether online or offline.