Mount Allison University Collective Agreement

Full-time and part-time members of the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) voted 91% to ratify their new collective agreement. Any amendment to collective agreements, both during their term of office and at the time of their renewal, must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Council of Regents. The new three-year contract includes improvements in the accommodation of members with disabilities and greater job security for long-term part-time faculty members. The negotiated agreement was reached after a six-day strike. .m.La union strike period of 12:01 p.m. .m passed without the two parties reaching provisional agreements. At the time of the October 24 update (below), the university`s bargaining team had 18 open collective bargaining proposals on the table, of which only 8 were open. On the other hand, the faculty`s bargaining team was able to position itself until September 24. More than 100 proposals for collective agreements were submitted in October – around 90 are still on the table. At this stage of the process, so many active change requests are a practical obstacle to constructive negotiations. January 31, 2020The University has received an official strike announcement from the full-time and part-time collective bargaining units. A strike will begin on Monday, February 3 at 12:01 p..m.m.

m, unless an interim agreement has been reached by then. In the near future, these two agreements will be available on this website in a more browser-friendly format, and possibly printed copies will be produced and distributed. We hope that significant progress will be made next week on negotiated agreements that will support our university staff, allow for greater investment in curricula, student experience and campus institutions, and be financially sustainable. A collective agreement between the university and its faculties has been in place for seven months. Litvak said the union would decide on Friday, Dec. 20, when a strike vote would take place in the absence of a preliminary agreement. On February 8, 2020, interim collective agreements were signed between the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) and Mount Allison University. The University is encouraged to attend further meetings with the Conciliation Commissioner and remains confident that new arrangements can be made in due course. May 17, 2019 On May 17, the University`s Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) officially announced its intention to begin negotiations on new collective agreements for full-time and part-time collective bargaining units.

The appointment of an arbitrator is not uncommon and is used in many negotiation processes. More information on the conciliation procedure can be found on our Collective Bargaining FAQ page. The teachers` association announced on Friday that its members would go on strike on Monday if the two sides fail to reach a provisional agreement by 12:01 p.m.m .m.m Monday morning. In an online update of the negotiations, administrators described the faculty`s contracts as “mature collective agreements” that have been in place for 35 years for full-time employees and 15 years for part-time employees. The university considers these conventions to be mature. The full-time faculty collective agreement has been in place for 35 years and the first part-time collective agreement was signed 15 years ago. For this reason, we believe that the negotiations should focus on a relatively small number of key issues of interest to one or both parties. Negotiations on a collective agreement, which ended on July 1, began in June. In August, the province appointed a conciliator, who had several meetings with both parties in the fall.

February 3, 2020 – 12:10 p.m. In the near future, these two agreements will be available on this website in a more browser-friendly format, and possibly printed copies will be produced and distributed. The Vice-President (Finance and Administration) reports to the Finance and Administration Committee on all agreements on the importance of clauses in collective agreements entered into to resolve a complaint. The Vice-Chair will also advise the Committee on complaints to an arbitral tribunal, including contentious issues and the University`s position on those matters. Once a decision has been made by a board of arbitration, the vice-chair advises the committee on the decision and the financial implications and other consequences/effects of the decision. In cases that could affect academic operations, the Vice-President (Academic and Research) will also submit reports to the Committee. During negotiations on the renewal of a collective agreement, the Vice-President (Finance and Administration) will keep the Finance and Management Committee informed of the proposals of both Parties and the financial and other implications of those proposals. In the case of proposed changes that could affect academic operations, the report will include a report from the Vice President (Academic and Research) on the impact/impact of each change.

The purpose of this directive is to keep the Finance and Management Committee informed of proposed changes to the University`s collective agreements and to create the authority to implement those proposals. All employees of Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick who are employed on a part-time basis to teach or teach at least one Mount Allison University bachelor`s credit course per course, including Mount Allison Diploma Credit courses offered by the Department of Continuing and Distance Education, with the exception of those with the rank of Assistant Dean or higher; the university librarian, the dean of students, the director of continuing and distance education, Mount Allison students and those excluded by the Industrial Relations Act. . The two new MAFA collective agreements (2019-2022) will come into force on May 8, 2020 and the PDFs are available below. All employees of Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick who are full-time librarians and full-time professors (i.e., . B. Full, associate and assistant professors) and lecturers, part-time university librarians hired for a period of at least four months, lecturers, postdoctoral and pre-doctoral sessional and contact positions with teaching responsibilities, with the exception of deans, vice-deans, persons above the rank of dean, university librarian, faculty members who are members of the regency, the Dean of Students, the Director of the Dean Data Centre, visiting professors and those excluded by the Industrial Relations Act. . “As progress has been made, there is still room for improvement in these areas, as well as resources for academic mission and workload,” said MAFA President Matt Litvak. On the same day, the New Brunswick Labour and Employment Council also certified a new unit for part-time academic staff, often referred to as “Unit 2.” It is defined as follows: MAFA_FT Collective Agreement 2019_2022 FINAL (May 2020) On August 21, 2003, maFA received a revised certification mandate for the full-time unit, which is now often referred to as “Unit 1”.

The bargaining unit is defined as follows, and maFA is the exclusive negotiator for this group:. .