Local Government Pay Agreement 2018

A leading union negotiator questioned the good faith of local employers after deciding to delay the response to their wage demand to 10% until the new year. A 10% pay increase for Council staff would be “affordable” and boost the local economy, according to a new union. Unite told LocalGov that its national government committee would meet today and tomorrow to “review the next steps” and make a statement Wednesday. Attempts to criticize local government salaries have been described as “madness and bad taste” by the solace organization. Unions have called for increases of at least 5% for local government workers who mainly carry out housing and maintenance work. The union with the largest number of local government employees voted to reject the wage offer of 2% of employers at the end of last year. Labour MPs have called on ministers to present a “strategic vision” for local government. Unison is calling on its local government to reject the new offer to increase wages by 3%. Unison`s local government director, Heather Wakefield, told LocalGov: “Years of pay cuts have led Council workers to get by and get by. Negotiators hope to keep local government wage negotiations on track, despite the difficulties arising from the coronavirus crisis.

The municipal policy union Unison is calling on the government to inject money into councils to make them “living workers.” Members of the GMB Scotland union have rejected the Scottish local government`s wage offer, which could become a union action for the association. Better work-life balance and support for mental health should be part of a wage demand agreed by local government unions, LocalGov reports. The offer must be applied to your local situation, as each employer has its own ranking structure. Their unison activists and UNISON employees ensure that each employer makes the full offer. Unions will protest their demand for 10% pay when local government employers meet tomorrow in London.