Forest Europe Legally Binding Agreement

The Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee began its work on 27 February 2012. For any related information regarding the negotiation process, please contact The Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee began its work on February 27, 2012. However, the final consensus has not yet been reached. Three years later, at the extraordinary ministerial conference held in Madrid on 21 October 2015, Europe`s forestry ministers paid tribute to the work of the INC and took note of its report, acknowledged the draft negotiating text as the “basis for a possible further review” of the LBA, and agreed that forest Europe would explore “opportunities for finding a common basis” within the LBA “at an appropriate time, but no later than 2020”. A roundtable on all options for procedural follow-up of Madrid`s extraordinary ministerial decision is convened. Forests play an active role in the sustainable development and well-being of European society. Sustainably managed forests offer many benefits to society in the form of ecosystem services. They have the potential to make a vital contribution to a green economy, to create jobs and incomes, especially in rural areas, and can make an important and active contribution to climate change mitigation. However, these forests face various challenges, such as global warming and extreme weather events. The global economic crisis is helping to address these challenges for the forest industry and reducing investment in forest management. At the FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference on Forest Protection in Europe, held in Oslo, Norway, in June 2011, EU forest ministers took a historic decision to sign a mandate to negotiate a legally binding agreement on forests in Europe.

In response to this call, the secretariat held the “first informal meeting on the possible negotiation of a legally binding convention on forests in Europe” (link) from 31 October to 1 November 2019. During this first meeting, progress was made on the possible text of the excom decision and the drafting of a draft mandate of the UN-EEC negotiating group for a legally binding agreement on forests in Europe (information document 1). This historic decision began to be taken at the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Forest Protection in Europe (November 2007) in Warsaw, Poland, where a proposal was launched to examine the possibility of a legally binding convention on forests. Two working groups have been set up. The first, which operated from November 2008 to October 2009, examined the potential value added and options of the agreement. The second (January to December 2010) prepared several options for a decision on a possible legally binding character for forests in Europe and drew up a non-document for such an agreement.