When Two Or More Come Together In Agreement

Verses 15-20 If an avowed Christian is struck by another injustice, he should not complain to others, as is often the case with reporting, but to go privately to the culprit, explain it nicely and show him his behavior. This would normally have the desired effect with a true Christian, and the parties would be reconciled. The principles of these rules can be practiced anywhere and under any circumstances, although they are too neglected by all. But as few people try the method that Christ expressly imposed on all his disciples! In all our procedures, we should seek direction in prayer; We cannot overestimate God`s promises. Wherever and whenever we meet in the name of Christ, we should consider him present among us. “First of all, Jesus said `where two or three are gathered` in his name, so how could this apply to attitudes of four or more? And why will two or three believers come together so that Jesus may be in their midst? Isn`t he already present in every believer? So, even if a Christian prays, isn`t Jesus already there? “Jesus says that whenever the Church follows a process of reconciliation with someone and is involved in a process of reconciliation that has refused to turn around, she can be sure that God`s blessing is with them in their efforts. In other words, when the Church makes judicial decisions on legal and unjust issues based on the truth of God`s Word, she should be able to trust in the fact that she is doing the right thing and that Christ himself is there with them, spiritually present in their midst. 10. Make sure you are despised. not one of these little ones; For I tell you, in heaven, their angels always see the face of my Father, who is in heaven, a difficult verse; But the following is perhaps more than an illustration: –Among the men who breastfeed and raise the royal children, however modest, with their office and a conscience of intimacy that even the highest ministers of state do not accept, entry is free. Our Lord probably means that the angels, because of their accusations about his disciples (Hebrews 1:13, John 1:51), have races on the throne, are welcome there and an intimacy with “His Father who is in heaven,” which they could not accept on their own affairs.