What Is Reimbursable Loan Agreement

Please refer to the attached Bid Bulletin No. (1) containing UNDP`s responses to Bidder`s requests. Please note that the deadline for submitting proposals is extended until December 17, 2018. RLA proposals and price offers are submitted by: for each agreed communication product awarded to the contractor, the contractor will be entitled to at least 490 points during the technical evaluation of criteria 1 to 4 and will be invited to submit a financial proposal. UNOSSC wishes to conclude the individual entrepreneur`s Framework Agreement/Long-Term Agreement (ICFA/LTA) with a maximum of 3 graphic designers capable of providing quality professional work and conveying corporate messages in a clear and precise manner; and on time. Pre-selected candidates are (only) contacted by e-mail and are invited to submit a financial proposal via the electronic tender portal (instructions are provided): all applicants are first examined against the minimum qualification requirements mentioned above. Respondents will then be assessed on the following criteria and shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in the interviews: conflict levels in Darfur are relatively low. Following a referendum in 2016, the Sudanese government introduced a new political exception that defines five states as the basic administrative structure in Darfur. The Darfur Regional Authority was dissolved and the six commissions were subsequently reinstated to report to the Ministry of Federal Management.

The international community, which has traditionally focused on providing humanitarian assistance to communities affected by the conflict, is increasingly focusing on a more comprehensive approach to development, in line with the commitments of Grand Bargain/New Way of Working and the link between humanitarian development and peace. However, the situation in Darfur remains precarious. It is necessary to consolidate peace, to address the root causes of conflict and to achieve development. UNDP is looking for the attached reference conditions (TOR) in search of the following experts: candidates are screened on the basis of the required skills and experience mentioned above and on the basis of the technical evaluation criteria described below. It is the responsibility of the body (or agency) that signs RLA with UNDP Sudan to ensure that milestones are met on time and meet established quality standards. Monitoring the performance of consultants, monitoring and feedback, and payment to advisors are the responsibility of the owner of the RLA.