Volvo Lease Agreement

Q. Will my new Volvo Car be covered by the manufacturer`s warranty? A. All Volvo Cars leased by Volvo Cars on Lease are subject to the British manufacturer`s warranty. We welcome businessmen from outside the United States to finance or lease a Volvo while in the United States. The duration of the contract is limited to the length of stay, which is governed by the applicant`s visa and employment contract, subject to the credit authorization granted with Volvo Car Financial Services. Q. What is the down payment on a Volvo Contract Hire contract? Has. Initial down payments range from only 1 monthly rent to 12 months of regular monthly payments. Volvo Car Financial Services offers premium financing and leasing options that will help you reach the headquarters of your new Volvo. With low financing rates and flexible leasing offers, we make sure you find a financing option that makes you as comfortable as the Volvo you`re starting in. A single payment lease offers comfort and savings. You only make one payment when you sign the lease, which exempts you from monthly payments. This one-time rental payment is less than the amount you would pay for the duration of a conventional lease.

Q. Can the annual mileage allowance be reduced or increased for the duration of the contract? A. It is important to contact us if you want to increase the mileage of your Volvo Car. Increases in your mileage allowance also increase your monthly rents. Q. How will my new Volvo Car be delivered to me? A. Our Volvo Cars are delivered by a certified Volvo Car driver. Volvo Cars can be delivered by carrier by prior appointment; This option comes with an additional tax. If you want your Volvo Car to be delivered by carrier, ask our sales advisor how much the fee will be. Q. Do I need to buy my own insurance for my new Volvo Car? A. Yes.

The law requires you to purchase insurance for your rented volvo car; this should start from the date the vehicle is delivered to the address you have chosen. Full insurance policies must be available for the duration of your rental agreement. Insurers should be informed that the vehicle is not registered with you, but with the financial company that made the agreement possible. Q. What type of Volvo Car rental contract is offered by Volvo Cars on Lease? A. We specialize in personal business and leasing contracts. Q. How are my Volvo Contract Hire payments recovered? A. All monthly payments for our contract leases are deducted by direct debit.

Q. Is there any information on the condition of my Volvo Car at the end of the leasing period? A. All Volvo Cars must be in an age-appropriate condition and mileage until the end of the rental period. BVRLA, an independent organization, has Fair Wear and Tear standards that provide advice on acceptable operating conditions for the termination of leased vehicles.