Story Painting Workshops

Using Australian Dreamtime stories as a starting point, the pupils learn the symbolism and techniques of  dot paintings.   story painting

Working together in groups the produce large impressive paintings of the stories.  They discover the importance of the dreamtime, the symbolism, the role of colour, and how to capture both time and place.

These engaging workshops are excellent  for developing both teamwork and art skills.  In addition the artist brings genuine aboriginal artefacts into the story-telling section of the workshop.

Aboriginal paintings and artefacts used in the workshops

Aboriginal Art and artefacts used in the workshops

“The best primary school art exhibition I have ever seen” Head of Gloucestershire LEA

“The aboriginal artwork which arose from the drama-based story sessions was fantastic.  Children of all artistic abilities were able to create individual and group pieces using the dot method.”  Anona Greening, Art co-ordinator, Woodmancote Primary School.



  • Suitable for KS2 yrs 4 5 & 6 and KS3 upwardss
  • (for KS1 and yr3 please refer to the Animal Painting workshop)
  • 1 day workshop
  • 30 pupils
  • Prepared paper and paints supplied


  • The school needs to supply palettes (1 per 2 pupils)
  • Use of a hall  for the first session of the day
  • Painting in classrooms.
  • Possibly use the hall at the end of the day to create a temporary exhibition of the paintings

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All story-paintings on this web-site were produced in my Dreamtime workshops by primary school children