Shire Of Manjimup Enterprise Agreement

There are no further amendments to the proposal of the previous report to the Council. Manjimup Junior Cricket Club Inc. was founded on July 5, 2019 and can therefore implement the proposed lease. The club raises the necessary funds for the storage warehouse and modernization of cricket networks and owns the assets. 2015 Fair Work Commission Wage Increase The Fair Work Commission increased the minimum minimum wage by 2.5% and increased the national minimum wage by $16.00 per week. It will enter service on July 1, 2015. The decision increases the federal government`s weekly minimum wage to $US 656.90 ($17.29 per hour). This increase must be provided by employers who apply the minimum rates of the 2010 Local Government Industry Award or other modern federal government awards, and by employers who have federal enterprise agreements that include increases in pay rates. Employers who have federal operating agreements that have set wage increases are not required to apply this increase. Walga Employee Relations will soon publish a revised salary plan for the Local Industry Administration Award for Subscribers. For more information, please contact WALGA Employee Relations or by phone at 9213 2092. In addition to Warren Blackwood`s sub-regional growth plan, a Memorandum of Understanding was established between WBAC local governments to provide the agreement linking Shires of Boyup Brook, Bridgetown-Greenbushes, Manjimup, Nannup and Donnybrook-Balingup and SWDC to the document.

A recent notable trend in this sector is that a number of local governments have carried out or are auditing their organizational structure, resulting in the dismissal of positions. In the face of pressure on local authorities to continue to provide services in the face of increasing financial pressure, this trend is not surprising. Walga Employee Relations looked at examples of how organizations outside the local government sector have proactively addressed the issue of employee wages and unsustainable benefits. These examples relate to measures negotiated under enterprise agreements. No guaranteed salary increase Mount Isa Mines (MIM) has recently negotiated an enterprise agreement with its employees, which essentially gives MIM discretion over whether employees receive annual pay increases. This is a significant departure from the normal approach to enterprise agreements, where the amount of annual wage increases is generally the most contested issue. The corresponding clause of MIM`s enterprise agreement provides for wage increases at the company`s discretion, based on its performance, market conditions, wage movements in the sector in general and other factors.