Sabbatical Leave Agreement

As soon as you are entitled to a sabbatical, you can submit an application form to your supervisor, if applicable an offer. Please do this at least [two months] before taking your sabbatical. Ask the human resources department for the application form and instructions. 4.4 Maintain the stability and quality of teaching criteria. Sabbaticals require an adequate level of maintenance and stability of the quality of teaching. The administrative and departmental presidents intend to work towards the granting of sabbatical requests. The intent of the application process is to encourage the faculty to clarify planning and coordination issues before making proposals and to allow the faculty to work together and with department heads to identify and remove barriers to sabbaticals. However, it is possible for an employer to withhold a discretionary bonus on the grounds that the bonus is paid only to workers in employment for the employer or if the employer can prove that a verification of entitlement to the discretionary bonus has been carried out and that, if applicable, a statement has been provided to the worker. Employers should ensure that the position on bonus rights and other discretionary benefits is clearly defined in the sabbatical agreement in order to avoid litigation in the future. Workers continue to acquire a legal right to leave if they remain occupied during their sabbatical, which should also be clearly stipulated in the sabbatical agreement. In some cases where a person remains employed during their sabbatical, the employer may require them to stay in touch with the company and ensure that their level of qualification remains high. .

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