Retroactive Rebate Agreement Sap

Therefore, this position should be very interesting for ENSA consultants. A discount agreement defines the details of the discount. It is in the agreement. B, as discounts are always retroactive, the system follows all supporting documents (invoices, credits and credits) relevant to the payment of discounts. The conditions for the payment of discounts in SAP SD are as follows: Verification steps: Indicates whether the system indicates all the supporting documents in the discount agreement on the basis of which the discount is calculated or whether it indicates the sums according to the payer, etc. For remittance conditions, we assign both “demarcation keys” and “account keys”. The year allocation key (URE) allows the system to reserve the reduction provisions for each applicable invoice on the corresponding G/L accounts. To set up the discount, we activate the discount in the following 3 zones. Setting-2: After the agreements are created, the system calculates the discount provisions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount provisions in the discount agreement to see that few invoices are issued. Partial settlement: when recording the payment in the discount contract, we must specify the type of proof `R3` for the establishment of a partial statement. In this way and from this page we can create partial invoices until the total amount of discounts is paid to the customer. When setting up the discount agreement, you should first indicate the following: The following steps explain how the SAP discount process works: Can you tell me what settings I need to make in SPRO for retroactive discount agreements….