Nycha Resident Lease Agreement

According to CPP officials, if a resident refuses to sign a new lease with the new private manager, the lease group will not receive a subsidy from the federal government for that apartment. For any unit that does not provide federal funding under Section 8, it is a matter of funding the necessary upgrades in each building, said Pierre Downing, an RPC representative responsible for overseeing the transformations in Manhattan. “Efforts to crack down on the signing of leases could unfortunately delay or jeopardize these improvements,” he said. “With each renovation, we learn from residents` feedback and improve public relations and tenant protection,” she wrote. The president of the tenants` association was nervous at the first announcement, she said. But after all that was said and done, she was thrilled — and loves to give props. Goldblatt, the NYCHA spokesman, said that “boycotting leases would further delay much-needed capital repairs” at the East 28th Street complex and others. She asked them to review their rental plans as soon as they received them from the PRC and to call the hotline to resolve legal issues as quickly as possible, while stressing that she had not worked for NYCHA or PRC. With the leases signed in hand, the CPP will be able to financially conclude the agreement with the city and the food supply, which will allow it to free up funds for a series of upgrades. These include new roofs, boilers and lobby buildings, as well as individual repairs, paintings and new kitchens and bathrooms.

“By the end of the month, we will have addressed everyone to make an appointment for the signing of the lease,” she said. Amy Stokes, Deputy Vice President of Monadnock, told City Hall that her group had already begun addressing tenants at a Washington Heights complex to begin signing the tenancy and would contact residents of the 16 complexes by the end of October. To clarify the situation, the PRC and NYCHA recently asked the Legal Aid Society to set up a hotline (212-298-2450) for Manhattan package tenants who have questions about their leases. The legal group also organizes Lease Addition Days where tenants can add family members, pets and appliances to their pre-process leases. At 344 E. 28th St. in Kips Bay, tenant association president Melanie Aucello gathered a petition that was met by about 40 residents boycotting the signing of new leases until the complex can hire a lawyer to inspect documents with tenants. The CPP intends to conclude the agreement by the end of November and by then all tenants in the Manhattan buildings will be filled with new leases. For some residents, the promises ring too well to be true, especially by a housing authority, tenants say the habit was not credible.

“We always focus on how we can help residents who have questions…