Iora Agreement

The IORA Secretariat is located in Mauritius and is headed by Ambassador Nomvuyo N. Nokwe, Secretary General. The Assembly is currently assisted by the following leaders: (a) Mr. Gatot Gunawan, Indonesia (b) Mr. Marc Livsey, Australia (c) Mr. Gareth Rees, South Africa (d) Mr. Navin Rughoonundun, Mauritius (e) Mr. Nooh Saleh Ahmed Al Hammadi, United Arab Emirates (f) Mr. Saravanan Murugan, India; and (g) Prof. V.N Attri, the Chair of Indian Ocean Studies (CIOS), who serves as an expert within the secretariat`s research unit to promote research activities and studies in the fields of IORA.

In addition, prof. Attri the Journal of Indian Ocean Rim Studies (JIORS) To learn more about: and The IORA Secretariat has thirteen (13) local staff and interns who assist the Secretary General and seconded directors. 9. BUDGET The annual budget of the Secretariat shall be based on the annual contributions of the Member States. 17. IORA website & Social Media The IORA Secretariat website can be created in access The rural tourism site brings a better life to the family in Wuyuan County, E Chinas Jiangxi The IORA Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT) was established in October 2008 and is headquartered in Tehran, In Iran. [31] The Centre uses its resources to address issues ranging from disaster relief to the creation of a gene bank database on medicinal plants. [34] The countries that have the status of dialogue partners are:[28] Although the large membership of IORA gives it the opportunity to understand the perspectives of a large number of nations in the Indian Ocean region, it also creates differences in objectives for the success of maritime security cooperation between Member States.

Although fisheries management is grouped under the name “Maritime Safety and Security”, it has proven to be particularly important for IORA member states, justifying its inclusion as the organisation`s third top priority. With the flagship project of the Fisheries Support Unit (FSU), IORA aims to promote sustainable nature conservation and the blue economy by reducing the exploitation of fish stocks and promoting safe and responsible trade in seafood. [14] Syrian army confiscates weapons found in areas formerly held by rebels in Syria Non-Aligned Movement for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC) Jakarta Concord offers the greatest commitment to ensuring that the Indian Ocean is a region of peace, stability and development through enhanced cooperation, including, but not limited to, the six priority areas and cross-cutting issues. The Jakarta Concord was accompanied by IORA`s five-year Action Plan (2017-2021), which provides the IORA Council of Ministers with a number of realistic and measurable commitments to implement the Jakarta Concord and to re-use IORA more results-oriented. An IORA Action Plan has also been adopted, which sets out short-, medium- and long-term objectives in each of IORA`s priority areas. . . .