Commission Advance Agreement

JCA must first approve your request in advance from the Commission. Assuming your sales contract has been signed and certified by a settlement company, you will have your advance transferred to your bank account within one hour. You receive 100% of your net income from the commission (after separation with your partners or your office). The JCA service charge is deducted directly from your commission advance, so no prepayment is expected from you. If you want to receive your advance through a credit union, it can take up to one business day before credits are posted to your account. A JCA Commission Advance is a service that provides you with your commission income before closing a sale. The goal is to help you manage your business expenses which would otherwise be tempered by waiting for the actual closing date to get your commission. Repayment plans are drawn up during the initial application process, allowing the transaction company to pay the broker`s share directly to JCA in the commission (held in Escrow) as soon as the sale is completed. Yes, yes. Brokers are also welcome to request a JCA advance. However, there are restrictions on macl├ęs, for example. B the amount of advance they wish to receive.

The terms of use that contain the company`s privacy policy constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the company. The Terms of Use represent the entire agreement between you and the Company regarding the use of the Site and include all prior or simultaneous notifications and suggestions, whether electronically, or or written, between you and the Company regarding the Site. In the event of a conflict between the privacy policy and the terms of use associated with the collection of information, the privacy policy will control such a conflict to a limited extent. In the event of further conflict between the privacy policy and the terms of use, the Terms of Use control the limited scope of such a conflict. JCA only pays advances during business hours Monday to Friday. The JCA agreement signed by the broker will authorize any sale by the commission agent. The agent`s share is the amount of commission set after splitting and payment to the brokerage company. Commission Advances is the solution to manage periods of drought by giving you the opportunity to access your commission, not to their degree, but if you need it. The main idea behind a commission advance is to help in the financial uncertainties that accompany the role of real estate agent. On average, agents receive JCA at least 2 or 3 times a year if they have difficulty covering additional business costs. All sales commissions that a real estate agent earns on behalf of a broker are in fact owned by the brokerage company.