Child Support Agreement Philippines Tagalog

Section 69. The husband and wife determine the residence of the family. In case of disagreement, the court decides. Section 251. After the application has been lodged, the court shall inform the parents or, in their absence or incapacity, the natural persons, establishments or establishments exercising parental custody of the child. Good evening. I wish I could have asked you for help for my son. I have an ex, we have a son, we are seven years old, but we are not married. I have this child. But since we weren`t in the cameras, we separated four years ago. I have a friend and I have a girlfriend – we have her alive.

I`m here in the UAE and I`m sending a child, but I`m still embarrassed on social media and I`m back that I don`t send. We were devastated and I couldn`t talk to the boy. I have difficulties because I am a child who has been put under pressure by work. He is taken care of every time I return to Paris. Is there anything I`m fit for? Or could I use an online book and be a good reason to talk to myself without sending me? It`s exhausting that I send what I know, that not everyone goes to the kids because I don`t have a job either. I`ve never been a big fan of the boy. In the middle,” he says, because of the accusations that were harassing me on Facebook, I didn`t send first. Because the un woman is too old. I also have a human rights case to file when I get home. Even if I can be with the child one month a year? Thank you very much. Hello. I am the mother of a beautiful 6-year-old daughter and an abused ex-wife of a Malyso-Chinese national who has been working here since 2010.

He was taken out of our original house in Makati by the Makati police and denied his previous behavior towards me. It has been more than two years since he gave up his responsibilities as a father to our child and threatened to remove it as soon as he showed up. I only contacted him last week and refused to fulfill his failed financial obligations to us. What is the first step I should take? (1) scholarship programmes for qualified single-parent families and their children in primary, higher and special education institutions; and the single mother must demand child support, and it is preferable to do so in writing, with proof that such a request has been received by the father. If the child`s father refuses to support himself despite a written request, the single mother can now sue the father for child maintenance. Thanks for this page, I have things to learn. But I have a question. I had two children from my former Australian partner who were not married, he was good before, but this year was a nightmare that he did not support our children. I kept contacting him through Messenges, call, email, WhatsApp, but he didn`t answer. I feel so powerless to find someone who could help me so that we can get financial support from my father. Please help me what to do. Don`t you have a lot of money to pay for a lawyer, just a minimum wage.