Affinity Photo License Agreement

@vikramnagend – You are invited to install Affinity Designer on your laptop. Download it to your laptop or transfer the download and install it as on the desktop. @jvalentin – I understand what you said, but it`s about the app that`s sold in the Apple Store. We would have no way of telling Apple that someone bought it on Windows and vice versa. We have already set the base price for applications at a very low level. Buying two separate licenses for Affinity is still much cheaper than buying a single license for some of our competitors. Licenses can be awarded based on the device, users (employees and students) or a combination of both and can be reassigned at any time. In this way, schools/districts can install licenses for a mix of school computers and for students and staff on their personal computers. I downloaded a new version of the site – but it`s a trial version – no menu to enter license information. 3.

A District Site licensing agreement is also available. This type of agreement can be either permanent or renewable each year and allows schools to install the app on an unlimited number of computers owned by the school and allows all students and registered staff to install the application on their computers. Affinity`s suite of creative applications includes Affinity Photo (photo edition), Affinity Designer (vector design) and Affinity Publisher (Desktop Publishing). At job, we have a license to buy Affinity Designer and photo. All licenses in the education volume licenses are compatible with macOS and Windows. (b) You do not have the right to rent, lend, rent, rent, sell, deliver, transfer or distribute, transfer, redistribute or sublicensing Serif software. I bought Affinity Designer Windows version for my desktop. Can I use the same installation files and license details to install them on my laptop? If you are the only one to use the program for commercial purposes both in your work (provided you have the computer on your job) and at home yes, you can install it on both.

If someone else also uses the computer in the business to produce work (commercial use), then no, you have to buy a license for yourself. Can I uninstall or disable licenses in the future? I want to reinstall Affinity on my laptop. I have a license and the software works well on my PC. Simply install a new version on Windows and reinstall it. Any arbitration procedure under these conditions takes place on an individual basis: class arbitration proceedings and class actions are not admissible. YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT BY ENTERING INTO THESE TERMS, YOU AND AFFINITY ARE THE RIGHT TO JURY TESTING OR PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION. Miscellaneous facts. You are responsible for the payment, withholding, tendering and reporting of all taxes, obligations and other government assessments related to your service-related activities, provided that Affinity may, at its sole discretion, fail to exercise a right in any way will not be considered a waiver of other rights under this Act. If a provision of these conditions proves unenforceable or invalid, this provision is limited or removed to the minimum necessary, so that these conditions remain fully in force and remain effective and enforceable. You and Affinity agree that these conditions are the complete and exclusive statement of mutual understanding between you and Affinity and that they relay and nullify all prior written and oral agreements, communications and other agreements relating to the purpose of these Terms.